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Chris Lee - RankXL Niche Site Course 4.0

6-03-2018, 15:51

Chris Lee - RankXL Niche Site Course 4.0
Chris Lee - RankXL Niche Site Course 4.0

A free, 7 lesson course that has helped 11,752+ marketers learn how to build high-traffic, high-income blogs.
About The Teacher
I'm Chris Lee, the founder of RankXL. For the last decade, I've been building and growing blogs, and working in the SEO industry. I started out as a freelancer, then a full-time employee at an agency, and now work full-time from home on my own sites, which have grown into a profitable 6-figure business.

In this course, I share the exact strategies that I'm using to grow my sites into profitable content businesses using powerful SEO and white-hat link building strategies. It will take you through the most critical parts of growing a high traffic blog, and help shave months or years off your growth path.
In the past year, people who've taken my course have used my training to grow their niche sites into full-time businesses, quit their jobs, and even land 6-figure SEO contracts.

Here's what you'll learn
Get 7 value-packed lessons. I've designed this course to give you a start-to-finish playbook for building high traffic blogs using SEO. Each lesson is compact and succinct, and takes about 5 minutes to read.
Lesson 1 - How I grew my blogs to $20,000/month with SEO.
Lesson 2 - The most profitable niches and how to find them.
Lesson 3 - What does it take to get to $100/day?
Lesson 4 - How to create content that drives you a flood of Google traffic
Lesson 5 - This link building strategy actually works!
Lesson 6 - The reason most blogs fail within 12 months (and how to avoid it)
Lesson 7 - Answers for the curious


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