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Uartsy - Anatomy of the Face

11-08-2017, 16:32

Uartsy - Anatomy of the Face
Uartsy - Anatomy of the Face | 698.1MB
Duration 27 lecturesWith Project Files MP4

In this workshop, Ryan Kingslien, an expert in sculpting human anatomy, is going to guide you through the process of creating an accurate human head, including eyes and ears! You’ll start with the basic shape and structure of the skull, then move on to the intricate musculature of the face, and finish it off with a realistic layer of flesh.
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UArtsy - Mastering Light and Form with Dorian Iten
UArtsy - Mastering Light and Form with Dorian Iten | 4 GB
Instructor: Dorian Iten

This updated course is the foundation of art practices. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this 8 module course gives you a set of tools to overcome past struggles and confusions and begin using light with confidence. Understanding light effects makes it possible to capture nature’s beauty in refined images as well as creating quick sketches that effectively communicate your designs. These skills are a true force multiplier will take your artistic life to the next level.
newbie123 Category: ELearning